Minto Village

The pretty conservation village of Minto in the Scottish Borders sits on an elevated ridge just below Minto Hill. Designed and laid out by William Playfair for the 2nd Earl of Minto and first mentioned in the 14th century, Minto and the surrounding countryside has a rich and colourful history.

Four and a half million years ago the movement of tectonic plates squeezed the Scottish Borders out of the the bed of the Iapetus Ocean. The collision of the plates brought about the ranges of the southern uplands and the Cheviot hills.

In these hills over the years Romans, Celts, Scottish, English, the Border Reivers and many clans have all lived, loved, fought each other and fought together. It is the land of Walter Scott and military heroes,  riches from the East India company and cashmere have been made and some lost. Even the hills have been quarried, but still today they keep a watchful eye over the villages and towns of the Scottish Borders.  Minto is but one wee village but with many tales to tell.

This site aims to provide a place for residents past and present to share information, photographs and memories and to give visitors a flavour of the village of Minto and the surrounding area.

Minto Village


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The Minto War Memorial

Enigmatic Ruberslaw through morning mist

“An early to mid 19th century estate workers housing in two basic designs, but unusually laid out with large gardens, placed to catch the sun and an open view”


Pevsner Architectural Guide of the Scottish Borders