Minto House


From  a tower with a thatched roof, to a grand house designed by William Adam, modified by his son James, renovated by Playfair and Notman, home to the Elliot family, as well as a school was demolished in 1992. Now privately owned, the grounds and gardens are carefully managed.  Wildlife flourishes throughout the ancient woodland and still the atmosphere of many centuries permeates the paths and views


Minto House Images from Canmore

In November 1992, The Borders Reigonal Council planning committee gave the go-ahead to demolish the remainder of Minto House. Abandoned for decades after Craigmount School closed in the mid ’60’s the house had suffered from years of neglect. Those living close by said that at night they could often hear parts of the building collapsing!

The site was levelled in 1995, and the fine ‘Old Parr House’ now stands in its place.

The article by Dennis Rodwell provides a potted history